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Smart BUSD (sBUSD) is the first stablecoin on SmartBCH, pegged 1 to 1 to BUSD

How to swap BUSD for sBUSD

  • Swap for sBUSD

    10 USD Minimum
    Join the sBUSD telegram group to start the swapping process with Kain_niaK or the sBUSD bot.
  • What is sBUSD

    Trusted 1:1 BUSD-backed crypto stablecoin on SmartBCH run by Kain_niaK, an OG Bitcoin member of the Bitcoin Cash community with an excellent reputation.
  • How to redeem
    10 USD Minimum

    At any time sBUSD can be swapped back to BUSD at a 1 to 1 ratio. Your BUSD is kept save and secure in a hot + cold wallet.

How to use sBUSD

  • Benswap
    sBUSD can be used on benswap.cash to help traders with locking profits in place, and to make calculating the value of benswap tokens easier. sBUSD can help with benswap.finance users on BSC to move funds safe and secure to benswap.cash on SmartBCH.
  • Earn interest on your BUSD
    While your are using sBUSD your BUSD does not sit idle. Between 5 to 10% of APY on 80% of your swapped BUSD is expected. When swapping back from sBUSD to BUSD this interest is added to your BUSD minus a 10% fee.


Created by the Buidl, not hodl team